Evan Jamieson

 Evan Jameison is a game designber and writer that haver worked fpor many companies such as West End Games, FASA, White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast and Iron Crown Production,. He has produced guides and supplements for various RPG:s as Shatterzone RPG, Star Trek RPG?, The Wheel of Time RPG and Mechwarrior RPG?.

Space Opera RPG books


MechWarrior: The BattleTech Role Playing Game?, 1986, with L. Ross Babcock III?, Walter Hunt?, Richard Meyer?, Jordan Weisman?, Patrick Larkin?, William H. Keith Jr?, David Boyle? and D. Brad Frazee?
The Fox's Teeth: Exploits of McKinnon's Raiders?, 1986, with L. Ross Babcock III, Samuel Brown Baker?, Dorothy Elizabeth Baker?, Lisa M. Hunt?, Walter H. Hunt, William H. Keith Jr, Patrick Larkin, Richard Meyer and Jordan Weisman
BattleTech: McCarron's Armored Cavalry?, 1992, with Mark Bloom?, Hugh Browne?, Adam Gratun?, Eric Hart?, Patrick McCormack?, Mike Nystul? and William Scammell?

Renegade Legion?

Renegade Legion: Gathering Storm?, 1992, with Hugh Browne?, Adam Gratun?, Eric Hart? and Deborah Ann Smith?


Contact!, 1994 (reprinted 2013), with Dustin Browder, Sandy Addison & Lisa Smedman