Eta Geminorum

Eta Geminorum (η Gem, η Geminorum) is a triple star system in the constellation Gemini. It has the traditional names Tejat Prior, Propus and Praepes and Pish Pai (from the Persian Pīshpāy, پیش‌پای, meaning foreleg).

Eta Geminorum A is a spectroscopic binary. The primary is a semiregular variable star of type SRA whose brightness changes with a period of 234 days between magnitude +3.15 and +3.9. It is located 350 light years from the Sun and is a red giant of the spectral type M3. The secondary, probably a class B, orbits with a period of 8.2 years. Eta Geminorum B, a class G dwarf, orbits the pair with a period of at least 700 years.

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