Episiarchs are quadrupedal mammals that resemble white shaggy bears with almost featureless faces.

They shamble along in a semi-upright posture, dropping to all fours on inclines or in rough terrain. They have crude, oversized four-fingered hands and big clumsy feet. Their two beady eyes are rarely visible because of the shag on their large, misshappen heads. Episiarchs are solitary creatures; they rarely socialize and even their mating season is tense and violence-ridden.

The creatures evolved from small, unpresuming carrion scavengers who used their powers to survive in a viciously competitive home environment. The Tandu increased the creatures' ego to the point of insanity, and amplified their "luck" powers to the point where the Episiarchs could twist reality. They have no society beside individually serving the Tandu.

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