Engai look like beautiful human children. They are a bit more than one metre in height and strong for their length. Their eyes are large and luminous but the rest of their features are very delicate. Their heads are topped with improbably tall, elaborate crests of soft hair, each unique.Natural Engai coloration is golden - skin, eyes and hair. But they make use of cosmetic pigmentation by changing the chemistry in their bodies. They wear clothes and jewelry. All very beautiful and fine. They did not evolve on the planet that they call their homeworld.

They are descended from arboreal primates as far as one knows. Six million years ago tehy attained space travel and conquered many worlds. They dominated the galaxy for 100 00 yeras when they gave it up and retured to their homeworld. It is beleived that they took part in the evolution of Humans and Gerodians.

The Engai are virtually immortal and they are masters of biochemistry. They are the oldest carbon-based civilizations inte the known galaxy. Engai live for pleasure and are utterly decadent. Because of their extremely long life-spans they are very few. They use meditation and breathing techniques based in some ancient martial-art. New Engai grow in machines.

Their contact with galactic civilization is limited to the sale of biological and medical services.

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Source: GURPS Aliens