Ed Stark

Ed Stark is a game designer who has worked primarily on role-playing games.

He worked at West End Games with the Shatterzone RPG, the Masterbook Universal Role Playing Game System as well as with the D6 System.

He was on the SCRAMJET team, led by Richard Baker, and including James Wyatt, Matthew Sernett, Michele Carter, Stacy Longstreet, and Chris Perkins. This team updated the setting and cosmology of Dungeons & Dragons as the fourth edition was being developed.

His D&D design work includes Legends of the Hero-Kings (1996), Children of the Night: Ghosts (1997), Children of the Night: The Created (1999), Complete Warrior (2003), Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss (2006), Fantastic Locations: Dragondown Grotto (2006), Barrow of the Forgotten King (2007), Fantastic Locations: City of Peril (2007), and Complete Champion (2007).

He also wrote the novel City of Fire under the shared pseudonym T.H. Lain.

Novels and short stories


Beyond The Zone, 1993

RPG Books


Player's Guide, 1993 (reprinted 2011), with Shane Hensley & Dave Wetzel
Rule Book, 1993 (reprinted 2011), with Shane Hensley & Dave Wetzel
Arsenal, 1993, with Sean Patrick Fannon, Sandy Addison, Greg Farshtey, Brian Sean Perry, David L. Pulverand Lisa Willner
Through the Cracks, 1994, with Shane Lacy Hensley, Ronald Seiden, Matt Forbeck, Greg Farshtey & John Terra.
Techbook: Ships, 1994 (reprinted 2011), with Shane Lacy Hensley

D6 Space?

D6 Space Rule Book?, with Greg Farshtey, Douglas Kaufman?, Fred Jandt?, Peter Schweighofer, Bill Slavicsek?, Bill Smith and George R. Strayton?
D6 Space Ships?, with Shawn Carman?, Steven Marsh?, Peter Schweighofer, Gareth-Michael Skarka?, Nikola Vrtis?, Shane Lacy Hensley and Dave Pilurs

Alternity Star*Drive?

Outbound - an Explorer's Guidebook?