Dragonstar Books

Dragonstar Books about the Dragonstar RPG and Dragonstar Universe game world. Not to be confused with Dragonstar SF-series?.

The Dragonstar game was first announced on the Fantasy Flight website on December 5, 2001. Sometime between 2007 and 2008, the company decided to end support for the game. The game still has a fully functioning website with a support page and message boards.

RPG Books

Starfarer's Handbook, 2001, Greg Benage & Matt Forbeck
Guide to the Galaxy, 2001, Greg Benage & Matt Forbeck
Galactic Races, 2001, Greg Benage, Michael Ferguson, Scott Gearin, Darrell Hardy, Lysle Kapp, Lizard & Kevin Wilson
Imperial Supply, 2002, Greg Benage, Peter Schweighofer & William Timmins
Raw Recruits, 2002, Bret Boyd, Doug Herring, Charles Plemons III, Chuck Rice & Andrew Thompson
Smuggler's Run, 2003, Greg Benage, Alexander Flagg & Will Hindmarch
Heart of the Machine, 2003, Stefon Mears
Player's Companion, 2004, Mark Chance, Andrew Christian, Mike Hinds, David Lyons, Michelle Lyons, James Maliszewski, Michael Mearls