The Dra'Azon are a Sublimed civilisation who first appear in Consider Phlebas. Like most Sublimed species, they take little interest in galactic affairs, but maintain and guard the "Planets of the Dead" - worlds that have suffered global catastrophe - and are preserved in their post-apocalyptic state. Why the Dra'Azon do this is not clear. In the book, the Dra'Azon allow access to Schar's World — one of the Planets of the Dead — at seeming whim, or at least without discernible motivation. A message from them ends with the enigmatic warning, "There is death here".

The fear that they will provoke the planet's guardians to react to their actions and intents on Schar's World leads the characters to ponder the powerful Dra'Azon's apparent disinterest in the events as they unfold.

In Matter the Dra'Azon are mentioned as controlling 86 of the 1332 remaining Shellworlds. This is due to both the inherent dangers of the defense structures left behind by "the worlds’ original builders or those who... have dedicated their entire existence to the task of destroying the great artefacts" or the Shellworlds' capricious and occasionally lethal natures post settlement. At 6% this rate is regarded as being "alarmingly high"