Doug Herring

Doug Herring is an award nominated game designer who has re-joining with Hal Greenberg and Ken Shannon to take on even better and bigger projects.

Doug has helped to pen, design, layout, and publish more than 25 game books for RPGs and table top games and is currently designing board games like King of Thieves and co-authoring Fall of Man, a post apocalyptic hybrid of Earth and Doug's award nominated world setting of Gothos and The Hunt: Rise of Evil.

Doug has also penned short stories and reviews for magazines and books. Most recently, he wrote one of the stories in The Awakened anthology titled "Unseen."

Doug is currently moving his reviews, video game and board game walkthroughs, etc to video on his YouTube channel

Space Opera RPG Books


Raw Recruits, 2002, with Bret Boyd, Charles Plemons III, Chuck Rice & Andrew Thompson