Don Hawthorne

 Donald Hawthorne is an avid wargamer and former editor of the Avon Hill General. He has written over half a dozen War World stories and, with co-author John F. Carr, wrote the War World novel, "War World: The Battle for Sauron". Hawthorne also wrote a number of Iron Angel stories for the There Will Be War series.

CoDominium Universe

War World novels

The Battle of Sauron (2007) with John F. Carr
Cyborg Revolt? (2013) with John F. Carr

War World anthologies

The Lidless Eye (2013, anth) with John F. Carr

War World Short stories

The Garden Spot (1992), published in CoDominium: Revolt on War World (1992) and in War World: Discovery (2010)
Atalanta (2011), published in War World: Takeover
Cyborg Revolt (2013) with John F. Carr