Discovery War World: Discovery, published in 2010 and edited by John F. Carr, is the 9th book in the ongoing War World Saga, which includes 3 novels, the most recent being War World: The Battle of Sauron by John F. Carr & Donald Hawthorne published in 2008.

The War World series is a shared-world universe created by Jerry E. Pournelle & John F. Carr and is set in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium/Empire of Man future history. The moon Haven contains the harshest environments for life among the seventy habitable planets within the CoDominium sphere. After Haven's discovery, this distant moon quickly becomes the center of a major lawsuit over its ownership.

When the New Church of Universal Harmony buys the Charter, the big mining companies send their agents to find a way to muscle their way in. The Harmonies quickly find themselves on the defensive. Behind the lines, some of the biggest industrial magnates, the Bronson and DeSilva families, are pulling strings to secure rights to strip-mine Haven of its resources and mineral wealth. This battle only intensifies when shimmer stones, the most valuable gems in the known universe, are discovered on Haven.

The Bureau of Relocation sees Haven, more than a year's spaceship journey from Earth, as the perfect dumping ground for political dissidents and criminals. Within the CoDominium, there's a fracture between U.S. and Soviet interests; both powers want to use Haven for their own means. Meanwhile, the New Church of Universal Harmony is finding its lands overwhelmed with undesirables from Earth who neither want to work or live a meditative life.

This conflict quickly turns violent as the newcomers scheme to steal food and goods from the non-violent Harmonies, who see their culture undergo a major shift to confront the new realities brought by the displaced transportees from Earth. When Kennicott and Dover Mineral Development send their agents to fight over the newly discovered hafnium and shimmer stone deposits, the violence and bloodshed is ratcheted up. Finally, the CoDominium Marines are sent in to save the day-but for whom: the Harmonies, the miners, the convicts, or their puppet masters back on Earth?


"The Lost and the Founder" - E. R. Stewart? - (reprinted from CoDominium: Revolt on War World) (1998 AD) A small-time hustler starts a movement that will someday go to the stars.
"Discovery" (Jerry Pournelle) - (expanded version of "Prolog: Discovery" from War World, Vol 1: The Burning Eye) (2032 AD)
"The Garden Spot" - Don Hawthorne - (expanded from CoDominium: Revolt on War World) (2034 AD) Haven is a wasteland from pole to pole; but even it has resources worth fighting for... and killing for.
"In Concert" - E. R. Stewart - (reprinted from CoDominium: Revolt on War World) (2038 AD) The Church of Harmony thought they would have the barren moon Haven all to themselves, but Earth's politicians had other ideas.
"The Shimmer Stone Scam" - John F. Carr - (2041 AD)
"Nothing In Common" - Leslie Fish - (2044 AD)
"Hell's-A-Comin'" - John F. Carr - (2045 AD)
"Counterpoint" - A. L. Brown? - (2045 AD)
"Astronomy Lesson" - Steven Shervais? - Class Notes for Lecture #1, Applied Astronomy (Overview) - Notes on Haven, its parent planet Cat's Eye, and the Byers System, presented as an astronomy lesson in school.
"On Jordan's Stormy Banks" - A. L. Brown - (2047 AD)
"Janesfort War" - Leslie Fish and Frank Gasperik? - (reprinted from CoDominium: Revolt on War World) (2055 AD) Haven has become a dumping ground for criminals, and some eccentric locals decide to hire a few protectors.
"Last Chance" - Steven Shervais - (story told in 2063 AD, flashbacks from 2045 - 2056 AD)
"Steppe Stone" - William F. Wu? - (2055 AD)
"Down the Rabid Hole" - Charles E. Gannon? - (2057 AD & 2671 AD)