Dietmar Arthur Wehr

Dietmar Arthur Wehr Dietmar Arthur Wehr started his career as an author at the age of 58. Prior to that he had spent most of his adult life in the field of corporate financial planning. He lives close to Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side) with his son.

He wites the kind of space opera that he has always loved to read. David Weber's? Honor Harrington is his favorite series and he got tired of waiting 18-24 months for the next Honor Harrington book.

His first original series, The Synchronicity War includes 5 novels. His second series in a universe created by himself is The System States Rebellion.

Space Opera Books

Terro Human Universe

Federation series


Cosmic Computer Legacy: The Tides of Chaos (2013)
The Merlin Gambit (2014) with John F. Carr

Space Vikings

The Tanith Gambit (2013)
The Loki Gambit (2014)

The Synchronicity War?

The Synchronicity War: Part 1 (2014)
The Synchronicity War: Part 2 (2014)
The Synchronicity War: Part 3 (2014)
The Synchronicity War: Part 4 (2014)
The Retro War (2014)

System States Rebellion?

Rumors of Glory (2015)
Rumors of Honor (2015)
Rumors of Salvation (2015)

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