David L. Pulver

David L. Pulver (born 2 November 1965 in Kingston, Ontario) is a Canadian freelance writer and game designer, with a History degree from Queen's University. He is the author of more than fifty role-playing game rulebooks and supplements, including the award winning Transhuman Space.

From 1988 to 1999 worked as a freelance author.

Steve Jackson? and David Pulver coauthored a novella entitled Thera Awakening that was distributed with the Interplay computer game Stonekeep. This novella describes the back story and history of the Stonekeep world and characters and was completed before the game itself was finished.

Pulver designed GURPS Ultra-Tech (1989), an equipment guide that could be used with many different worlds. Pulver also designed GURPS Psionics (1991) and GURPS Vehicles (1993), the latter of which featured a very mathematical vehicle construction system.

Mark MacKinnon brought Pulver on to Guardians of Order (GOO) in November 1998, and Pulver took the lead in extending Big Eyes, Small Mouth from its simplistic start to a more complete game system.

Pulver also simultaneously worked on more licensed, standalone games, resulting in releases such as Dominion: Tank Police (1999), Demon City Shinjuku (2000), and Tenchi Muyo! (2000). Pulver and John R. Phythyon, Jr., designed the gangster Samurai Tri-stat game Ghost Dog (2000) based on the film of the same name. Pulver designed the hard science-fiction Centauri Knights (2001), the first original setting from Guardians of Order.

In January of 2001 he left GOO and took a full-time position with Steve Jackson Games. Pulver designed Transhuman Space (2002), a new science fiction setting for GURPS. Pulver oversaw the fourth edition of GURPS beginning in September 2002.

David Pulver is the designer of GURPS Vehicles, a set of rules to design vehicles from a stone-age canoe to faster-than-light starships. GURPS Traveller (especially GURPS Traveller: Starships and GURPS Traveller: Ground Forces) and GURPS World War 2 (including GURPS WW2: Motorpool) use somewhat simplified specialized versions of it. The design rules in GURPS Robots and GURPS Mecha are fully compatible with it. GURPS Reign of Steel uses the rules from GURPS Robots.

Rejoined Guardians of Order (GOO) in january 2004 as anime and Tri-Stat line developer and senior game designer, developing and writing projects. In 2005, Guardians of Order downsized to a one-man operation. From then on he works as a freelance writer.

In 2007, he completed the first vehicle design rules for the 4th edition of GURPS, titled GURPS Spaceships.

Pulver has stated in an interview that although he has been doing work for Steve Jackson Games "ever since I became a freelance writer," he has also done work for Guardians of Order (particularly in creating the second edition of the anime RPG Big Eyes Small Mouth aka "BESM"), White Wolf Publishing, Game Designer's Workshop, West End Games, Iron Crown Enterprises, and TSR. He is a fan of anime and manga.

Space Opera RPG Books


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GURPS Mecha?, with John H. Nowak? and Sean Punch?
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GURPS Spaceships
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GURPS Vehicles, with Sean Punch? and Susan Pinsonneault?
GURPS Vehicles Expansion 1, with Andrew Hackard?
GURPS Vehicles Expansion 2, with Andrew Hackard? and Kenneth Peters?
GURPS Vehicles Lite, with Graeme Davis? and Kenneth Peters


GURPS Traveller Alien Races 1, with Loren K. Wiseman?
GURPS Traveller Alien Races 2, with Andrew Slack?, David Thomas?, Monica Stephens? and Gene Seabolt?
GURPS Traveller Alien Races 3, with David Nilsen?, Andy Slack, David Thomas, Gene Seabolt and Loren K. Wiseman
GURPS Traveller Alien Races 4, with Steve Jackson?, Loren Wiseman, Steve Charlton?, Edward Elder?, Robert Gilson?, Shawn Havranek?, Phil Master?, Robert O'Connor? and David Thomas?


Arsenal, 1993, with Sean Patrick Fannon, Sandy Addison, Greg Farshtey, Brian Sean Perry, Ed Stark and Lisa Willner

Vorkosigan Saga?

Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga: Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game? (2009), with Genevieve Cogman?, Crystal Carroll?, Suford Lewis?, Phil Masters? and Thomas Weigel?.


D20 Mecha?, with Mark MacKinnon? and Jeff Mackintosh?

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