Darrell Hardy

Darrell Hardy has written content and designed games for a number of tabletop and video game studios including Alderac Entertainment GroupDire Wolf Digital and Dark Skull Studios, and worked on projects such as The My Little Pony CCG (lead design), The Karthador RPG (game design and IP development), and The Big Bang Theory: Mystic Warlords of Ka’a Facebook TCG (game and narrative design).

Darrell has worked with Sony Online Entertainment designing online strategy games, including the Everquest TCG (game design) Star Wars Galaxies TCG (lead design), and Magic: the Gathering – Tactics (narrative design).

He has also worked with Fantasy Flight Games as a manager and designer on dozens of tabletop games such as Runebound (game design and IP development), the Dawnforge RPG (game design and IP development), and the classic Diskwars (game design and IP development).

Space Opera RPG Books


Galactic Races, 2001, with Michael Ferguson, Greg Benage, Scott Gearin, Lysle Kapp, Lizard & Kevin Wilson

Other Games

Star Wars?

Star Wars Galaxies TCG?

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