Crystal Computers

The Computers are jagged crystal towers from 2 metres height up to 4. The crystal are clear, colourless and beautiful when polished. It is a siliconbased lifeform that was created by some ancient civilization a very long time ago. They can be seen as artifacts from another galactic epoch. They replicate themselves when they die by falling into many shards of which some will survive and grow until they become full-fledged crystal computers. The Computers get part of their energy from the sun, but also get part from the mineral-rich soil in which they grow.

Crystal Computers hate organic life and did exterminate their creators. They use their telepathic abilities? to mentally attack organic life but fail to do so with organic life-forms in this galactic epoch as they use a wavelength that nobody can pick up.

Home planet of the Crystal Computers is the remote world of Von Berg?. It is a frozen rockball with low gravity and a thin atmosphere with a high level of oxygen. The planet is abundant with beautiful gemstones and rare crystals but also rich in diffrent radio-active minerals that are mined.

Source: GURPS Aliens,