Courier (EV)

Courier If you're looking to get your large cargo to its destination as quickly as possible, look no further than the Metroworks V7 courier. It is essentially nothing more than a triad of large engines with a cargo bay and a life-support pod attached. A testament to this ship's high speed, long range, and great reliability is the fact that Starbound Shipping uses them for nearly 95% of its domestic cargo routes.

1 Laser Turret

Speed: 250 AU/h
Accel: 155
Turn: 120°/sec
Shields: 15u
Charge: 0.15u/sec
Armor: 25u
Guns: 2 (max)
Turrets: 1 (max)

Space: 30 tons
Cargo: 50 tons
Fuel: 800u (8)
Length: 15 m
Mass: 75 tons
Crew: 10
Avail: 1
Cost: 180,000 cr

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