Corrin is a Dune Universe planet near the star Sigma Draconis which gave the name the Battle of Corrin (88 BG) which brought the Padishah Emperors to the imperial throne. Also gave the name to Corrin quasi-nebula.

The victor took the regnal name of Corrino in remembrance of the battle.

During the events of the Butlerian Jihad, the human crusade against thinking machines which culminates with the Battle of Corrin, Corrin was the most important of the Synchronized Worlds, being the homeworld of machine leader Omnius.

Created on Corrin, the robot Erasmus had been trapped in a crevice for 20 years; only being able to "think" during this time, Erasmus develops his unique personality and independence, not wanting to be reunified with the Omnius consciousness when he is finally found. One of Erasmus's experiments in his study of humans and their nature on Corrin is Gilbertus Albans, a slave child who surprises Erasmus with his ability to be groomed into something far superior to his humble origins. Gilbertus later becomes the first Mentat.

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