The Consu are a fierce and highly advanced, though zealous, alien race. They believe in helping deserving races reach "Ungkat", a state of perfection for a whole race. The Consu are the most advanced alien race presented in the Old Man's War.

Unlike other alien species, the Consu do not fight for territory, but out of devotion to their religion. Their home world uses a dyson sphere around one of their suns to harness all energy leaving the dwarf star. This sphere that surrounds their home system is impenetrable to the weapons and technology of every other known species. They possess technology such as tachyon detectors that even the CDF can't reverse engineer or fully understand, which was the reason for the Consu being nearly invincible against the CDF. They are the only alien species able to do so. Because they are the most technologically advanced out of all the alien races presented in this book, when they fight battles, they use weapons technology similar to their opponent to keep the battles fair. They rarely meet with outsiders and any Consu that does meet with an outsider gets killed and shot into a black hole so that their atoms can't defile any other Consu.

The Consus believe in staying pure from any lesser alien race than them, so they send criminals to meet with outsiders so that high ranking Consu don't have to be killed when the meeting is over and undesirable Consu can be killed instead.