Confederate Cruiser

Confederate Cruiser The Terran Naval Yards CR-1095 heavy cruiser is a natural outgrowth of the FF-4237 frigate, and indeed it resembles it closely, except for size. These glorious ships, with their complement of four patrol ships each, will surely bring the Rebellion to its knees.

4 Neutron Blasters
2 Torpedo Launchers + 14 Torpedos
1 Patrol Ship Bay + 4 P. Ships

Speed: 150 AU/h
Accel: 95
Turn: 30°/sec
Shields: 800u
Charge: 0.63u/sec
Armor: 100u
Guns: 8 (max)
Turrets: 4 (max)

Space: 100 tons
Cargo: 75 tons
Fuel: 400u (4)
Length: 250m
Mass: 1000 tons
Crew: 1,029
Avail: (61)
Cost: 20,000,000 cr

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