Confederate Patrol Ship

Confed Patrol Ship The P-361 Confederate patrol fighter, manufactured by the Terran Naval Yards, is the best starfighter ever designed. No other small ship can beat it in a dogfight - at least, such an occurance has never been publically reported...

3 Proton Cannons
1 Missile Racks + 2 Missiles

Speed: 350 AU/h
Accel: 217
Turn: 120°/sec
Shields: 20u
Charge: 0.32u/sec
Armor: -
Guns: 4 (max)
Turrets: -

Space: 5 tons
Cargo: 5 tons
Fuel: 200u (2)
Length: 10m
Mass: 11 tons
Crew: 1
Avail: (66)
Cost: 700,000 cr

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