Chig Fighter

Chig Fighter  The most common Chig ship, in service from the begining of the war. Two, possibly three versions exist. This fighter is smaller, less maneuverable and lighter armed than UEF:s SA-43 Hammerhead. It is faster than an ISSCV but it is unclear if it is faster than a SA-43. It's sole armament is an energy weapon mounted on the centerline of the craft.

When used for reconnaissance the craft has a crew of two, although this may not be the same version as the common fighter.

A slightly improved fighter with a red hull is capable of flying extremely close to the event horizon of a black hole, yet appears to be no faster. They operate only from large capital ships and planets.

Chig fighters normally operate in groups of three and sometimes in groups of six (presumably 2x3). Satellite intelligence suggests these fighters operate in squadrons of approximately 18 craft, possibly with others serving as spares.