Centaurus: the best of Australian science fiction

Centaurus Short story anthology with australian SF-authors edited David G. Hartwell and Damien Broderick. Included are stories from Peter Carey, Greg Egan, Terry Dowling, A. Bertram Chandler, Hal Colebatch, Phillippa C. Maddern, Rosaleen Love, Sean McMullen, Lucy Sussex, and George Turner. For both avid followers of Australian SF and genre readers who have not yet discovered our southern stars.

Space Operas stories:

Known Space Universe

The Colonel's Tiger - Hal Colebatch

The mysterious reports from the Angel's Pencil, detailing the anatomy and physiology of the attacking Kzin, trigger a memory of an ARM agent. After a little searching, he finds the account of a Colonel Vaughn, who battled with a "tiger man" in India during the earth year 1878.

Also published in Man-Kzin Wars VII.

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