Bulk Freighter (EV)

Bulk Freighter The Allied Shipyards AS1300 is the best - indeed, the only - bulk freighter available. Their high cost and weak defenses preclude their use in the frontier systems, but further in, these huge ships carry the majority of commerce between the Core Worlds of the Confederation.

1 Laser Turret

Speed: 80 AU/h
Accel: 62
Turn: 30°/sec
Shields: 10u
Charge: 0.01u/sec
Armor: 25u
Guns: -
Turrets: 1 (max)

Space: 150 tons
Cargo: 500 tons
Fuel: 1,000u (10)
Length: 250m
Mass: 800 tons
Crew: 32
Avail: -
Cost: 1,200,000 cr

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