Brothers of the Night

Warm-blooded amphibious carnivores. Their animal ancestors evolved on a rocky coastline of a chilly tundra-covered continent. They hunted fish, seal-like amphibians and slow-moving land-dwellers.

Pack-hunters with complex social rituals to hold the group together. A mistake in the rituals could result in an individual being hounded out of the community In the sentient Brothers, this behaviour manifests as extreme xenophobia and a fussy intolerance over even slight ideological differences.

A Brother's streamlined body is a little bit less than two meters long. The front pair of limbs are powerfully muscled arms ending in hands with three thick, strong fingers. Nestled underneath is another, slender pair of arms with delicate fingers capable of fine manipulation. Thick, shaggy black or brown fur, which slicks down in eater to form a streamlined coat, covers the entire body. Built for swimming the legs can be locked together around a thick tail, forming a powerful swimming fluke. On land, they can manage a speedy waddle on their splayed legs.

Uplifted by the Nighthunters. Warriors that take every opportunity to wipe out other forms of life.

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