About 81 million years ago, the Krallnith found the Brma homeworld an ecological nightmare. The proto-Brma were breeding and grazing uncontrollably, destroying an eden-like environment. The Krallnith's first objective, after receiving the Brma indenture, was to ingrain the "tread lightly on the land" caveat.

Brma resemble 2.5 metre tall stalk-legged bipedal insectoids, with large, compund eyes. Colouring range from orangish brown to lime green, with pale lateral stripes. They have four genders, alpha male, alpha female, beta male and beta female.

Some of the eccentric attitudes embraced by the Tymbrimi originated with the Brma, who see new blood and ideas as key to rejuvenating stagnant Galactic society. Though semi-retired the Brma have stayed active. Patrons of the Caltmour.

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