Proto-Bahtwin were intelligent gasbags floating just above the seas of their homeworld, foraging and fishing.

The Gello discovered the and began extensive geno-forming in an attempt to make them terrestrial. To an aerial life-form this had psychological repercussions so scandalous that the Gello were sanctioned and the proto-Bahtwin temporarily taken away from them. The Soro stepped in and finished uplifting the Bahtwin.

Bahtwin resemble a pineapple fruit cluster with an exotic air-raid siren stciking out of the top. Having lost the natural ability for flight the entire being is supported by an anti-G harness. The whip-like tail hanging below is barbed and said to be highly toxic. They are psi-adepts, probably the strongest in the Soro clan.

Without external limbs, proto-Bahtwin originally scoped airborne plankton in their lift-sacs. Now they psi-command duenna-bots to fetch and toss bags of nutrient dust for their absorption.

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