Alpha Leporis (α Lep, α Leporis) is the brightest star in the constellation Lepus. Alpha Leporis has the traditional name Arneb, from the Arabic أرنب ’arnab "hare". The chinese name is Kuentsing.

Arneb is a massive star with about 14 times the mass of the Sun. The interferometer-measured angular diameter of this star, after correction for limb darkening, is 1.77 ± 0.09 mas. At an estimated distance of 2,218 light-years (680 parsecs), this yields a physical size of about 129 times the radius of the Sun. Alpha Leporis has a stellar classification of F0 Ib, with the Ib luminosity class indicating that it is a lower luminosity supergiant star. Since 1943, the spectrum of this star has served as one of the stable anchor points by which other stars are classified. The effective temperature of the outer envelope is about 6,850 K, which gives the star a yellow-white hue that is typical of F-type stars. It is an estimated 13 million years old.

Alpha Leporis is an older, dying star that may have already passed through a supergiant phase and is now contracting and heating up in the latter phases of stellar evolution, or perhaps is still expanding into the supergiant phase. Based upon its estimated mass, it is expected to end its life in a spectacular stellar explosion known as a supernova.

In Space Opera

In the Dune Universe Kuentsing system is a double star system has the planet Bela Tegeuse. However, the Kuentsing system may in fact be referring to Beta Leporis (Nihal) which in reality is a double star system about 160 ly from Earth.

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