Argosy CDX Starworks is a relatively new player in the cargo-ship market, having previously established its reputation building fighters. Its AS129 Argosy-class light freighter has already become quite popular with shipping companies operating near the edge of Confederation space, because of its advantages over the AS129 in the areas of speed, maneuverability, and firepower. Its only real liabilities are its higher price and slightly smaller cargo capacity.

2 Laser Turrets

Speed: 200 AU/h
Accel: 125
Turn: 90°/sec
Shields: 35u
Charge: 0.11u/sec
Armor: 40u
Guns: 3 (max)
Turrets: 2 (max)

Space: 60 tons
Cargo: 130 tons
Fuel: 400u (4)
Length: 52m
Mass: 215 tons
Crew: 28
Avail: 2
Cost: 750,000 cr

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