Alien Fighter (EV)

Alien Fighter Deadlier than a Rebel Cruiser, the alien fighter is fast, highly maneuverable and is almost invincible in combat due to its size and ability to quickly regenerate its shields. Travelling in flights of three, these fighters are extremely aggressive and should be treated with extreme caution if encountered.

1 Fusion Beam
1 Drone Launcher + 2 Seeker Drones

Speed: 500
Accel: 450
Turn: 180°/sec
Shields: 500u
Charge: 6.25u/sec
Armor: -
Guns: 8 (max)
Turrets: -

Space: 10 tons
Cargo: 10 tons
Fuel: 1,000u (10)
Length: 15m
Mass: 18 tons
Crew: 8
Avail: -
Cost: -

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