Alien Battlecruiser (EV)

Alien Cruiser During the Great War, dozens of ships like these laid waste to entire planets. A single Alien Battlecruiser with its complement of fighters has the potential to wreak utter havoc if left unchecked. With its awesome array of weaponry, it poses a severe and deadly challenge - even to a numerically superior foe.

1 Heavy Fusion Beam
4 Drone Launchers + 80 Seeker Drones
1 Fighter Bay + 3 Alien Fighters

Speed: 350 Au/h
Accel: 300
Turn: 60°/sec
Shields: 1,500u
Charge: 1.88u/sec
Armor: -
Guns: 12 (max)
Turrets: 4 (max)

Space: 60 tons
Cargo: 50 tons
Fuel: 20,000u (20)
Length: 120m
Mass: 600 tons
Crew: 650
Avail: -
Cost: -

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