Theta Eridani (θ Eri, θ Eridani) is a star in the constellation Eridanus. It has the traditional name Acamar from the Arabic آخِر النَّهْر Ākhir an-nahr which means "the end of the river". Historically, Acamar represented the end of the constellation Eridanus. Also called Al Thalim ("the Ostrich") by 15th-century Tartar astronomer Ulug Beg.

Acamar is a double star with some evidence suggesting it is part of a multiple star system. The main star, θ1 Eri, is of the spectral class A4 and has a +3.2 apparent magnitude. Its companion star, θ2 Eri, is of the spectral class A1 and has an apparent magnitude of +4.3. The angular separation of the two stars is equal to 8.3 arcseconds. Acamar's distance from Earth as measured by the Hipparcos astrometry satellite is approximately 120 light-years.

Acamar is located approximatly 120 light years from Earth.

In Space Opera

In the Dune Universe it has the name Thalim. The sole inhabited planet of the Thalim system is the planet Tleilax, homeworld of the Tleilaxu?.

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